Caroline Hays Ostertag, formerly Caroline Jane Capesius of Des Moines, Iowa (from the line of John P. (Frank), 1831-1894) began a family search with the thought that her children, Kathy and Daniel knew almost nothing about their ancestors. She soon discovered that she knew very little about her forefathers. Unfortunately, there were no living relatives who could help her with this research. With the help of some prepared pages from a deceased aunt and the purchase of the Family Tree Maker computer program, the search began. What began as a project that wanted to be done in a short period of time, became a time-consuming, interesting research. In fact, those forefathers almost became real to Caroline. Because she lives in Ulm, Germany, it was possible to visit Sandweiler, Luxembourg and visit the area where it is thought that her forefathers lived. It was possible also to collect much valuable information while there.