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John Peter Capesius was born in 1794 in Sandweiler, Luxembourg. He probably lived on a farm called Biereler Haff, outside of Sandweiler.

John Peter, age 53, emigrated to the U.S. in 1850 with his wife, Anna M. Bechen, and seven children. The family settled in Spruce Creek, Iowa, Jackson County. Spruce Creek was located near St. Donatus and Bellevue, close to the Mississippi River. According to the ship list, John Peter was 53 years old, but his headstone at the St. Nicholas Cemetary at Spruce Creek stated that he was born in 1794.

Several family members were burried at St.Nicolas Cementary in Spruce Creek Valley. Most of the tombstones are still in good condition.

Some of the Capesius relatives are living in La Motte, which is close to the original homestead, but others moved to South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Minnesota. However only little information is available about them at this point of time .

Caroline Hays Ostertag, a great, great, granddaughter of John Peter Capesius who emigrated to Iowa in 1850, has researched the Capesius genealogy on an amateur basis. The family tree consists of more than 150 individuals and goes back as far as 1751.

A first family reunion took place in Canon City, Colorado in 2002. More then 20 descendents of Frank Capesius, Caroline's father, and their families participated. The next family reunion is planned for June, 2005 in St.Donates, Iowa, close to the original homestead. This time the extended family is invited also. We are anxious to find more related Capesius and meet them at the reunion.

The final Web Site will contain Pictures and family news. It should be set up soon. So, if you are interested in our family genealogy or if you know or think you are a relative of this Capesius family, please contact:

Caroline Hays Ostertag ( Capesius)
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